Saturday, 30 April 2011

writing challenge part 1 - *write a short autobiography*

Well I've lived in Cardiff my whole entire life, it's kind of boring because nothing really happens here its not a major city like london or new york. However I love it here, its so calm and peaceful and its a place that I truly call my home. I'm 16 :( i feel so old, this sounds stupid because I'm on 16. but still, today im 16 tomorrow im 60! I really like the countryside, I hope to live in the vale when I'm around 50, yes I'm planning ahead. I've grown up living with both my parents and my two siblings, at times its hard to share three bathrooms, one shower and one bath with each other but we schedule and somehow it manages to work out. My parents have brought be up believing morales and dreaming big, they want me to become something one day. I want to be that person that people look up to, someone's inspiration, I want to have changed someone's life. I don't want to be the average girl that I am right now, I want to break out of my shell. Right now I'm at high school, but last year, I hope to go to collage in Cardiff and the University in England. I want to be independant and not lean on my parents for money or their support financially, I want to repay them back some day for all the expensive they have paid me over these past couple of years.  I love listening to Ska and Rock music. ahh I can go on forever about how much I love some bands, but people get automatically bored and don't listen to me. 
I want to get married to a doctor one day around the age of 29. I couldn't imagine getting married any younger, I'm not really thinking of children, maybe 1 or 2, 3 would be pushing it. I like to plan ahead so that my life has a structure. I LOVE ACTING! - ahh watching films and seeing these amazing actors and actresses inspires me in so many ways, I can't even begin to tell you how many of them I adore. My main idiol would have to be Katy Perry! I love that girl, she's such an individual, she has such a different taste and intake in life, I am one of her biggest fans ever! One day I will want to be something like her, have fans. 
that's all I can think of right now

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