Friday, 8 April 2011

primary pals

I'm not on a posting hype but I just forgot to mention this. Yesterday I was on the bus, casually trying to get to my damn house in pontprennau and at one stop this girl came on, she looked really familiar but I couldn't remember where I had seen her. She sat next to me and then BAMN i noticed she was my best friend from primary school. Oh man we were crazy, I even shared my chocolate bar with her, not on the bus in primary schools. we used to be the best of friends, she had just moved from scotland and i remember Miss Griffths asked me to be friends with her. Later in year 5 she moved schools so I lost contact with her, but then in year 11 I found her again. I found it so hard not to talk to her so i said ' is your name jessica' and she said 'yes' and i told her about primary school and stuff and she began to remember, we both went craazy on the bus everyone looked at us like we were idiots. She looked stunning, she was ginger, tall exactly how I remember her :') 

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