Wednesday, 13 April 2011

bit of a rebel

I think I might miss the first hour of school tomorrow, simply because I'm so tired and I seriously cannot be bothered with 2 hours of I.C.T. Its going to drag on forever, I feel it. I was just looking through all the pictures on my laptop and I found a couple from the school play, man I miss it. 
I look horrible in nearly all of them,but I loved the character I was playing. 

My life is now consisting of coursework after revision after coursework, I know that I am complaining now but hopefully on results day it would have all been worth the hard work. My throat hurts a lot after playing hide and seek today and walking in the heavy rain, I just want to sleep and never wake. It would be cool if I was an animal because I could hibernate for ages and it wouldn't seem odd at all. my mum is so inconsiderate about my feelings sometimes, she was telling me about all the mistakes that I have done over the last year, it was really hurtful but it was so true. I hate it when people lie to my face because they feel like if they tell the truth then i'm going to be angry, yes I will be upset but then I will realise that its the truth, its my fault. I hate that my parents are not that strict about things, I love them being just as they are but I really want to have some boundaries, that sounds so stupid i know but sometimes I get a little to much freedom and I feel that is what is the core to most of my mistakes. 

I always see how people are complaining that their parents are so strict, I would do anything for my parents to give me some discipline, maybe thats the reason why so many people dislike me, maybe because I haven't been brought up knowing things and being able to respect everyone. What I'm saying makes sense in my head but I cant seem to figure it out when I am writing about it. 

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