Thursday, 14 April 2011

My dad teases me so much, its so mean because its so hilarious and true. The one thing that amuses him the most is that fact that I complain so much but the things that happen to me are simply my fault. but its not my fault. Like I said before my dad especially enjoys taking the mick out of my single life, they always tease me about it. I'm not going to lie its because they want me to go to prom with a guy, especially my mum. aaaaaarg shes so annoying sometimes, people leave me alone. i've already told her that I'm going to go with a bunch of friends but she insists that I go with someone. So I think that's why they make so many jokes about it, I swear I should just have Joshua Morgan as my boyfriend that would shut them up. If im perfectly honest I'm not even bothered about prom anymore, I can't be fucked looking for a dress, to time consuming. 

What is pardis thinking right now? 
- well I'm not really thinking at the moment, I'm just randomly writing like I usually do. I actually love writing but I just cannot be bothered writing stories or anything to do with English, I just want to write for the sake of it, and not worrying about If i get a good grade or not. Just free style writing, if there is something like that. 

I was looking at the line up for glastonbury and this year it looks amazing, Morissey is going to be there. DAMN IT! I hate my life at times like this. 

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