Saturday, 16 April 2011

20 random useless facts about me

1) I love my family - they mean the whole world to me.

2) Again the same with my friends - I love every single one of them because they're all different individuals. although im not going to lie we've had our times. 

3) I'm really nervous/scared/excited about going to college. It's going to be so much different to high school 

4) I get attached to people too easily 

5) When I was little I wanted to grow up and be a beatle - not only because of the band but also because they're the only insect that I like. 

6) I say that I'm not bothered about relationships when I am. 

7) I eat so much food. 

8) I love T.V 

9) I'm the biggest Smiths fan you will ever meet 

10) I like to be an individual 

11) I like someone but I'm too scared to own up to it just in case they have changed their mind about me. 

12) I'm going to work my butt off for the coming exams. 

13) I'm a happy person most of the time because I feel like I have to be positive about life. 

14) I love watching American T.V 

15) I LOVE JACK WILLS! - the brand is so expensive but I can't help myself 

16) I'm looking forward to the Summer holidays 

17) I've become a lot closer to some people 

18) I feel like a lot of people in my school hate me. 

19) I'm going to give away a lot of money to Charity this year. 

20) I want to be in relationship but its just too confusing at times. 

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  1. i like these. you have an amazing personality, really! you're defineatly an individual there's no way you're not x