Tuesday, 26 April 2011

why I started blogging

At first blogging really wasn't my cup of tea, to me it just felt like it was a place where people bitch about others like any other social networking website. However I thought that I would make one to see what all the fuss was about, if I'm honest with you guys when I did first start to blog I felt really uncomfortable and awkward as to what I could and couldn't say. but then I started to write for myself, I started to write about things that mattered to me, it became a place for my thoughts and feelings and a place where I can be totally myself all the time. I don't really like to gossip on my blog, just because I don't want it to be the centre of everyones attention. 
  So yes from the on I have been hocked onto blogger like a fish to a fishing rod. ok that was a very bad example but ya get ma drift. the one thing that has kept me going is that people are actually coming on my blog to read it, it means so so so much that people take their time to read and sometimes comment or email me. its so sweet and caring :)! 
so if your reading this - I just want to tell you how grateful and happy I am because even if my stats increase by 1 it still means so much to me. SO THANK YOU VERY VERY VERY much - if you do have a blog be sure to post in the comment section below - I will be more than happy to take a look. 

loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee from me :D


  1. Hey
    I'v given you a blog award and you can pick it up from my page lol =)