Wednesday, 27 April 2011

08.56 am

This is the earliest I have woken up since the holidays have began, frankly I am knackered but I am determined to get to the library on time, well first of all mcdonalds breakfast and then the library to crack on with some revision. From today my main focus is going to be revision, I've decided that I want to buy a calendar and notepad and pen (a cute one) these are going to be the tools that I should operate for revision. did that sound cool or was it just in my head?
I'm off to get ready because I have to be at the library by 10 - and I live in pontprennau its far away from everything, argh not to mention that I have to get on the dreaded bus. Its so annoying because people are examining my every move. aaahh I can't write anymore time is ticking and I must get ready 

speak to you all later <3 

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