Tuesday, 19 April 2011

me being stupid : as usual

                                           I bought a new bath bomb today ' Sex bomb'
                                                      it smells good
                                                          let see how it looks like
                                                       its a little cupcake
                                                                  with a flower in the middle
                                                      before i started chocking on it
                                                                    I wonder if it tastes good?
                                                           yup it tastes GREAT -_-
                                             Im so lame I laugh at my own pictures and captions
                                                         hello little creepy child


  1. I enjoy reading your blog most of the things you go through I can relate to and I'm male :)

  2. Well im glad that your even reading my blog, we're probably the same age which is why we can relate to so many of the things I'm really grateful for having random people read my blog and find it interesting. wow you can have anonymous people comment as well, this is a first

  3. LOOOOL Pardis I apsolutly love this, please keep doing the little photo things PLEASE there hillarious. xxxx

  4. lmfaao will do louise ;) xxxxx

  5. is this how your hair looks when you wake up? because it's sexy, xxxx i love these photos their yummy!

  6. awh thank you aggie, your hair looks yummy all the time, my hair is always like this when im not bothered with it. just before i go to sleep and in the morning it looks like this xxxx