Monday, 18 April 2011

being someone's second best

One of my friends on facebook just posted one of the best things I have ever heard, she basically put a status about how it feels to be second best and we don't deserve it. usually me and this girl don't have much in common but with this. WE DO. I hate being someone's second choice, especially when it comes to boys, its horrible. And the worst thing is no body is there to talk to you about and it, to be honest I don't think many people care. we don't need to be someone's second choice, we are much much better than that, this is going to sound so vein and big headed of me but we are a much better person than them. screw the bitch :)!
- im off to bed before I faint, so tired.
speak to tomorrow morning, I plan to wake up at 7 so lets see how it goes, I will make a early bird post just for proof. 
goodnight guys xx

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