Sunday, 24 April 2011


good afternoon peepz, happy easter to every single one of you, once again the weather is brilliant but I'm staying in the whole day. I don't really know what I want to do, I didn't eat that much chocolate either since it kind of makes me feel sick. the one thing im looking forward to today is the fact that ella is coming home :)! im excited to hear about all the things she did in dubai because they're so amusing. a lot of my friends are going to this bbq thing so I can't really ask them to come out because they're already going somewhere. so today i'm just going to stay home and watch the Sarah Jane Adventures. 

happy easter once again :)! 


  1. ella is coming home 2morrow mid-day btw :D and did you know the actor who played sarah jane died!!! Yes indeedy. she was 60 something :'( xxx

  2. awh man i thought she was coming home today :( oh yeah i read about her, she didn't look 60 at all. xxxx