Tuesday, 12 April 2011

random post

I have these really random moments were I think ' Oh I want to write on blogger' 
The reason I love blogger so much is the friendly atmosphere and how it is so easy to use. Seriously even my mum could use it and she's terrible when it comes to computers. What I mean by a friendly atmosphere is that you don't have so much bitchiness going on, while on facebook all everybody does these days is write status's which they are aiming at people. To me this whole thing just seems stupid, So im thinking of deleting facebook and just using blogger. I just really need some time to myself, get my mind around things. 
something that everyone has right now is tumblr, I don't actually know what it is, because its so hard to use but its something like blogger, but people don't write posts. they do updates and post pictures, just about it. Another facebook really. ( in my opinion) 

IM GOING TO STICK TO BLOGGER! I have just gotten used to the concept of it and I have made some friends >.< 

sorry tumblr, I cba with you 

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