Monday, 25 April 2011

louise lawerence

hii louise, sorry if I spelt your surname wrong I was just so excited to write this post. I was just reading her formspring and I noticed that some of the questions she has got are just horrible. She doesn't deserve any of this, she keeps being told that what she writes on her blog is wrong, people its her blog, It what she thinks, what she wants, how she feels. There was this one comment that I saw that said they are going to expose her. the most pathetic thing I have ever heard in my whole entire life. The person that has been writing all of these questions just wants to upset her and make her feel scared. she can write whatever she wants because its her blog and she shouldn't have to make it private because some idiot is threatening her. This just makes me so bloody angry, leave the girl alone, she hasn't done anything to deserve this. stop punishing her for what she has written on her blog, its her blog, its her mind, its her thoughts JUST STOP! I was reading through her blog and I noticed that this was upsetting her, the fact that people take her blog and turn it into something that she never intended for it to be. 

I just want to say louise if you are reading this, I have SO SO much respect for you, you are one the most strongest most brilliant person that I have ever met in my whole entire 16 years of living. you are so strong mentally and physically, you don't deserve any of the things that has been written on your formspring because none of them are true. I know i haven't known you that long but I have so much trust and love for you. tehehehe this is turning out to be such a cheesy post but I don't want anyone to make you feel upset or sad because you don't need it. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

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  1. ah man i have the urge to hug you *air hug* thank you pardis that was really uplifting. I don't really care what they say on my formspring its actually funny that they think they have any power over me! I love you lots and thank you so much for this post :') p.s lawrence x) love you xxxx