Thursday, 7 April 2011

interesting call

I  just got the strangest call ever, it was no.number  so I didn't know who it was, basically they rang and asked me a bunch of questions. Quite personal questions if I'm honest, I couldn't realise who it was so I was really blunt and rude, it was so annoying because I was just in the middle of a perfect nap and they had to ring and ruin it. so thanks, if your reading this. I could tell that it was more than one person, because of the background noise. so they started asking me about who I liked and if I had a boyfriend, and I gave them my honest opinion, I don't want to be with anyone right now, I'm happy with my life, I have an amazing family, great friends and my education is going well. If I had a relationship it would change things around, I wouldn't have time to spend with my friends and I would always feel guilty if I did something wrong. These were the things that I told them, they asked me if I liked someone and to be honest I just hang up the phone. the thing is I don't know if I like the person or not, its just we have so many things in common and we get along really well. I don't really know how to explain it, its NOT like a love thing but its just the fact that I know him so well, and I trust him. he might not be prince charming but he has very good taste in music. Can't go wrong with music, you really can't. I feel really bad though because when he told me about his feelings I was really rude and arrogant. I'm not very good with these things if im honest. this is all so hilarious in my head, I'm going to go eat like I usually do, no posts till tomorrow 

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