Monday, 11 April 2011

childish minds

I am so sick and tired of hearing about relationships all the time, fuck off. if its not this its the other, why does it matter if we are with someone or not, its not going to change who we are as a person. Well some people might change for their partner but thats just stupid. Its the stupidest things as well, for example you have girls that on their blackberry message status they have ' want a lushy boyfriend' First of all learn how to use proper english grammer, the last time I checked there was no such word as ' Lushy' Secondly how the hell are you going to have a relationship with someone after telling everyone on your status. not only do you look like a desperate person but the fact that the guy could turn out to be a peado for all you know. also these kids are like 12. why the hell would you want a relationship at such a young age. its disgusting that so many people at the age of 13/14 want to start having sex. some of them havent even hit puberty yet. give yourself some time. i don't know why im getting so angry about this, i guess its just that I've had a lot of mistakes that I don't want others to commit. someone please listen to me. 

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