Friday, 22 April 2011

failed yet again

in my last post I promised to myself that I would keep away from facebook and blogger right up untill the end of the week. But i really can't help myself I've been so bored that for the last half an hour I've been looking at random Cat pictures on google images, i have such an exciting social life. emm not. I guess that not going on facebook or blogger isnt going to help me get better GCSE grades but revising well. So im not going to limit my options and stay at home all the time reading and revising, im going to out go with my friends and im going use the internet but I am also going to revise. 
  I woke up this morning with a famous hangover from going to Barry last night, even though i promised myself that I wasn't going to get drunk or even tipsy, I ended up peeing with arnissa, walking by the motorway with no shoes, singing and dancing along with habbiba. the only people that got drunk were me, habbiba, matthew,arnissa, and lloyd and we where the only ones having a lot of fun, the others just seemed upset or just not in the mood. I just hope they had a little bit of fun. Here is the picture of us yes we do not look good at all :
lifes good when your drunk 

but overall it was really good fun and im glad that I got to know people better. espcially matthew because before we spoke but we weren't like crazy but he was a lot of fun. And his girlfriend seems lovely, hopefully I will get to meet her one day. I hope. 

I feel that me and arnissa have gotten so much closer, although I feel like I have drifted away from ella and louise and I really don't want that because it feels like im losing them.I know this sounds stupid because they're like my best friends but I can't help but miss them so much. I didn't even have the chance to say goodbye to ella before she left for dubai - I feel like ive been such a bad friend. I hate feeling like this 

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