Monday, 4 April 2011

not going to get my self worked up about it

I just cried about 2 hours about the things that people tell me on formspring, I don't understand what have I done to these people? Have I ever treated you bad? Spread rumours about you? Treated you badly?! WHAT HAVE I DONE?! all this anger of today has just built up in my body and the only way I can let it out is if I talk to somebody about it. But I can't, people have their own issues to sort out why on earth would they want to talk to me about mine. These are the days where I feel that I can't talk about anything and I end up bottling it all inside me until I explode. I was locked out my house for about 45 minutes in the freezing cold, my stupid sister forget to give me her keys so my fingers were frozen by the time my mum got back from work. I'm speaking to feisal on facebook which is a bit weird because I don't really speak to him that much, kind of fun right now we're talking about sean thomas which is not odd at all? hense the sarcasm. this weird guy on face? Today in english I felt like such a loner, everyone got into their little groups and I had no body :L! so then I ended up sitting with Jacob tackel and played picitionary which is a lot of fun, and Of course jamal as was taking ugly pictures as usual. he took one and its really really really bad. I don't really want to talk a lot since I have a banging head ache and I seriously cannot be bothered.

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  1. you may have god knows what against me, i dont know if you have any role in whats happening, thats why i'm commenting.. but tell me if you do have anything against me - because then i know where i stand, but i don't understand why you've gotten the crap you've received on formspring either tbh :/ if its upsetting you, you should delete it because your a nice girl, you don't need it x