Tuesday, 26 April 2011


I'm still in bed when it is 11.46 exactly. i feel knackered even though  I haven't really done anything to consume all of my energy. I was so excited that ella was coming back to Cardiff from dubai but her sister told us that she couldn't get a ticket back :( :( :(!
I miss going on holidays. but this year I'm going Italy and Thailand woop woop. I just need to get away from Cardiff and seeing the same people over and over again, I want to go somewhere where I can experience different cultures, different people, different food, different taste DIFFERENT EVERYTHING! Just once I don't want to be in my comfort zone all the time, I want to meet people that are inspirational. this is going to sound so weird but seeing people be different and outrageous inspires me. ok that was  cheesier than I would want it to be. I go to Italy every single year because my uncle and his italian wife own a vineyard there, I love it there so much. the weather, the guys, the shops everything about it is so wonderful. not to mention that I get to live on a vineyard which is masssssive and there is free wine :} 
I also go to Taiiwan every now and then because my other uncle owns a rice company, to be honest I don't like it there the food is horrible but the clothes and technology is so cheap, probably my favourite part of the holiday. I'm going to go watch gossip girl now because im behind 
wishing you all a very happy tuesday 

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