Tuesday, 15 March 2011

you give some love, you get some

I'm so shocked by the amount of people who are not willing to help others out! Whether its our friends, family or random strangers we must always be willing to help one another, for example doing some charity work or even complimenting someone your helping them. We might not be aware of it but we are the people that help others shape their ambitions, for example a model might not think she is beautiful unless her friends tell her so, with our kind words we can lead people to better places. I know this sounds cheesy and it is but about an hour ago I saw something that was just horrifying, I'm not going to mention it as I will get pretty emotional and angry, and reading it I was thinking what kind of joy do people get my hurting others whether it being emotionally or physically. What advantages are there to offer for being mean to someone?! Making fun of innocent people dying. now that's just sick, The amount of people that know about these things and aren't willing to speak out are just as bad as the people doing the deeds, if there is a way that we can stop bad things from happening then without even thinking about it we should do it. 

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