Tuesday, 1 March 2011

happy birthday JB

aaaaaaaaaaaaaah me and my sister have sat down for just about 4 hours doing our media coursework, although she is two years younger than me we have the sam coursework. i am drained, i seriousy mean that, tonight im sleeping at ten beacause i was so tired today that it wasn't even normal. DRAMA is going really well, triston did so well today I was so proud of him so tomorrow at lunch time we are using the drama room to practice and i need to start and get costume props and music sorted. I dont know much about music so i would have to ask one of the teachers like mrs morgan because she is a music teacher.OHHH today is justin bieber's birtday, so happy birthday you beautiful man. him and selena gomez look like such a cute couple! i think im going to pack my bag for tomorrow,do my nails and sleep since im so tired. tara

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