Friday, 4 March 2011

long time no post

aaaaarh! today was just so amazing, I had sociology all day which wasn't so bad, it was really funny. went to town with ella and habbiba, which was so much fun! me and Ella bought a justin bieber magazine, with tons of posters which are now on my wall, my wall is covered up! no space left at all! im not even joking! nothing i cant even show you guys because its so big it doesnt fit in the lense of my camera >.< i think this is beiber fever. me and ella are talking on blackberry messanger, aaah! im so excited now i can talk to her all the time! and were usually in these reeally funny situations and we cant get a hold of each other because she didn't have a phone but now that she does, its all till the break of dawn. Today she was a bit down and ahh it was so heart breaking, from now on anything that upsets that little lady imma be really mad, my sister phoned me to tell me that my mum is going to hopsital because she was ill so i got reallly worried but then i came home and my mum had gone swimming and my dad was cooking, and thats not what i like since my dad is a shit cook, im not even joking.

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