Tuesday, 29 March 2011


The only lessons that I have on tuesday's are drama and history usually their triple and then a double. Today I kind of enjoyed myself though I finished my statistic coursework the planning and now im looking for some data but none of the websites she gave me worked. Drama was so much fun, me and triston did well in our rehearsal and we spent the rest of the time watching other people preform and laughed really. Not at the people but at the jokes and stuff. Man I'm really bad at explaining things. Today my uncle from Taiwan came back, although his wife didn't (sob sob) I really like his wife because she always brings me these amaazing make up brands only for China and things, its pretty amazing not going to lie! but this time he gave me money, I'm not going to say how much but a lot. My eyes kind of widened when I saw it. Listening to the specials makes me so much more excited to see them in october or september whenever they're coming, although I'm probably just going to go with myself or my dad ^.^ yes me and my dad listen to the same music I think that I'm going to enjoy myself. I feel so knackered today even though I haven't even done anything, So im off to shower and go to bed.
stay safe ye? 

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