Monday, 21 March 2011


I know that facebook is a socialising website and you get to post whatever you want whenever, but seriously some people just take the piss. Not naming anyone but is it really necessary to update your status every single second telling us about your life, to be honest I personally do not give a shit. The fact is that they say something and then say something compeletly opposite to what they said before. So freaking annoying. And then the person talks about how much crap they get, well if you didn't waste your time prancing around on facebook writing every single detail of your life so people would actually respect you and give you a little privacy. This sounds like im bitching but im not, I tell it to the person themselves just to make them aware, and why shouldn't I? how come they have the right to judge people but when it comes to them its the wrong thing to do, its time to give them a taste of their own medicine like my mamma says. So much anger and saddness in my right now i seriously don't know how to express it, I tried talking to my cat but he was no use, doesn't reply back, I feel like no one wants to speak to me or just doesn't care which is fine i mean its not like their responibility or anything. Tomorrow drama with props+costumes+lighting and music. I'm really excited because i Love drama, even though I have three hours of it in the morning its not all that bad, kind of enjoyable actually. I work with one my really good friends which is always a lot of fun, we help each other out. I have a really bad attention spam or whatever its called, seriously need to learn how to concentrate more. Kind of scared about my results coming back on friday, at first i was really confident that I didn't have *medical condition* ( don't want to name it because it will only make me upset) but now that i have researched more about it I actually have doubts, I have this weird feeling. I knew i shouldn't have had all those cups of tea with two sugars now look what's happened to me. I love my dad, he's been trying to cheer me up about it although even i can tell he seems a tad bit worried, I love how my family are with me at this time, don't know what i would do without them<3
This is leading on to be a very long post, but I really needed to talk even though it is in my head and im the only person that can hear it, oh and you bunch of random people that I don't know. It's really bugging me how I have 12 followers but two of them are invisble, I think . . . I'm really curious to know who they are, feeling a bit like curious george. This is what I mean by my bad attention spam for one minute I am talking aobut my health condition and the next thing I am comparing myself to curious george, my mind is so wsoifusdfh! that's not even a word but that's how i would describe myself right now. At half past I am going to get off this laptop prepare my stuff for tomorrow and just in time for glee, might listen to a bit of The Smiths before I do, Feels like forever since I've had a good listen to their playlist. Miss them a LOT!

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