Friday, 18 March 2011

embracing our flaws

All of us have flaws, even the prettiest women/men in the world still feel uncomfortable about themselves, whether it being our body shape, size, hair etc there is not one person that I can I am perfect all the time. The truth is there is no such thing as being perfect seeing celebrity's in magazine with amazing hair, teeth, body shape, etc. It's not true, these people have photo shop to makes themselves look almost perfect. The fact that we have to hid away our flaws doesn't make them go away, it just keeps them hidden and the only person who if going to be affected by this is us. If we embrace our flaws then people will respect you and feel for you, or there might not even notice. This is going to come out the bad way but loads of people say that beauty is within, yes it is within but when strangers see you they are not going to have a full on conversation to find out the person you, they judge you and if they see you are uncomfortable with yourself their going to have a bad impression. To me Beauty is within us however we must also embrace it through music,fashion, writing etc etc. We are all beautiful no matter what shape/size we are and until we can embrace our flaws then we're going to feel beautiful like we should. 

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