Monday, 14 March 2011

happy birthday Louise Lawrence

She has finally turned 16 people, oh im so proud of her it was only yesterday she was 15. bad joke. The weather is so bright and sunny just they way she wanted it, today we're going bowling and then pizza hut, hopefully she will enjoy herself well with the likes of me ella and habbiba why wouldn't she. I'm so excited to see her in the dress we bought her she is going to look even more beautiful than she already is. I'm going to make her a cake tonight and bring it into school for her tomorrow hopefully she will like it, im thinking of drawing little louise people on her cake and at tutorial time she can come to our tutorial and she can receive her hand cooked cake by me. i hope i dont poison her with my bad cooking skills, or baking should i say. 

1 comment:

  1. ow pardis <3 i look forward. It would be an honour to be poisoned by your cake ^-^ LOL. I am so excited, thank you for a lovely post. xxxx