Sunday, 13 March 2011

midnight writing

I find it weird that the only time and place where I can feel totally myself and receive the best idea's is when I'm about to fall asleep in my bed. I think I wrote about this back in 2010 but the time you go to sleep is the only time were you are completely  yourself and not needing to worry about anything, we spend our day pleasing others that we don't have much time left to make ourselves happy. I already wrote about this so if you want to read go check for one of my reeeeeeeeeeeeeally old posts. 

I watched Sleeping with the enemy, which is an amazing movie, Julia roberts is so convincing and its so sad to think that women in this lifetime still have to put up with this awful situation that her character was going through, man I really am an emotional person i'm glad i watched it on my own because i cried a little bit and if anyone was there with me they would call me a saddo because im such an emotional wreck when it comes to films. I think that this is going to be a really long post because i feel so relaxed and comfertable and I can talk in my head for hours on end without anyone telling me im annoying them. I entered for a couple on contests hopefully i might win something i probably wont because i have really bad luck but hey it was worth the try. I also changed some things about my blog, if you check it regularly you would notice, although im not going to say what it is unless someone notices it themselves. Today is louise's birthday which i am super excited about, we are all going bowling and then pizza, taegan set a bbq on the exact same date of her birthday saying that she wasnt aware of it, of course she was it was just the fact she wasnt invited, i really dont understand the girl. enough about her. i had this comment on my formspring saying about how im such an idiot for trusting the people that i do, i decided to ignore it because i knew it would hurt some people, i have a pretty good guess at who wrote that post but im not going to be a bitch and talk about it on blogger, unlike that person that wrote the comment i actually am a human being and dont like to make people feel bad in order that i feel proud of myself, sometimes i really wonder what sick people live on the stupid earth. sometimes i wish i could just go away, and never be seen or never have been existed there is so much sadness in the world that i really dont want to be a part of it, okay why is mum listening to avril lavigne? im going to have some coke, and yes the drink not the drug and get some sleep, tomorrow is going to be a good day :D 
tara top geezers 

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