Friday, 25 March 2011

sunny sunny sunny

I have mentioned this before but the weather this week has just been amaaazing! sun sun sun! and its not too hot but not too cold, its just perfect. I'm really glad its friday because im so tired, been a bit of weird week so I'm glad its all over. Today was the last day we had time in class to do our statisitic work which is really annoying, she changed the whole courswork so mnay times, no offense she's lovely but she's a really bad teacher. She told us that she would help us however she spent like half an hour talking one person, what about the others? all she can do is shout at us which is so annoying because her voice just goes through me. on saturday if the weather is nice im going to go to roath park all by myself to do some revision and coursework, i may look like a bit of a loner but who cares.

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