Saturday, 5 March 2011

Today was so much fun :D! I went out with my no1 bitches ella, habbiba and aicha we went to see I am number Four which is amazing by the way if you guys still haven't watched, it was horror in some ways as well! ahh so amazing words can't explain right now and we had decided to sneak into a movie rebellious I know, so first of all we sneaked into Rango which was the worst movie I have ever watched, I'm not even lieing, it had no story line it just seemed like a bunch of characters saying random words. Luckily No strings attached was coming on, so we sneaked into that just as it began! it was amaazing one of the best movies I have ever watched, ashton kutcher looked so fit it was unreal! That film kind of made me realize how shit being single really is, haha! I don't know what I'm going to do next weekend hopefully go out again. 

Yesturday me ella and habibba went into town, habbiba had a little moment which went crazy basically she walked in front of a car and the driver got pissed off! They came out of the car, at one point I thought we were going to have a scram! But after that we went into town where I bought Justin Bieber Wristbands! YES! will for sure take a picture of them and upload them on blogger, I have so much to say that I feel this post is going go on forever! me and ella are planning America and the whole of the summer, we're going to start going gym and stuff since we really want to tone up! I'm actually really excited! Listening to selena gomez, ohh I will love her forever! 

Right now I don't know how I feel, I wish I could talk about it on blogger but I can't it would really upset the person, so right now im keeping it to myself! but i seriously need to talk about it, but no pardis you have to keep it inside you are a strong women and you can do this! im so weird that I type what I'm saying to myself. I am trying to use all of unlimited texts so im texting everyone, i dont care if they dont reply! 
OH ELLA GOT A BLACKBERRY! so then I am going to be talking to her and we can hold of each other all the time! SO FREAKING EXCITED! today when we were watching take me out i was talking to her about it on bbm! oh the power of technology! I'm so bored right now that I think I'm going to complete one of those pointless questionnaires. 
speak later xxx

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