Sunday, 27 March 2011

gained a new old friend

Last night a person I was really close to started to speak to me, first of all I was unsure of what to say because I though we hated each other. But after he apologised and we started to speak normally I noticed why we were such good friends before. It feels good to have an old friend back. I was really hoping today would be sunny so I could do something or go outside for a change but no the weather decided to bail on me again. I've been sick a couple of times from last night and I'm still not feeling too good, it was the pancakes I made yesterday yuck even thinking about them makes me want to vomit. all of my family are going out today and not coming back till monday night which means I'm going to be all alone at home. and watching the human centipede I swear there is a german guy like him who lives in one of the houses near me, so imagine if he came after me D:
my mum bought me a pack of energy drinks today since i finished the other ones last week, this women knows how to satisfy me. EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS IS ON! awh man i love that show so much, i used to have an obsession with it.
speak lateeer

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