Wednesday, 23 March 2011

secretly caring

I have no idea where to start, except for the weather being amazing everything has seemed to bring me down today, well except for the fact of jamal taking random ugly pictures of me, highlight of my day. I felt like today no one bothered about anything, just one of those days that everyone was tired and stressed I guess. What really annoyed me today was girls complaining about not having a relationship and not the right boyfriend. No offense there is nothing like a perfect boyfriend, never was and never will be, I sound cold hearted but its true. The movies we watch make it seem like the perfect boyfriend is right round the corner but its not true, It's only in our imagintation that a guy will get us flowers and tell us we're pretty on our really ugly days. Well actually there is a couple of guys I have seen treat their girlfriends so nicely, but not all of them are like that. Oh as I was saying their complaining about guys and how they're going to be lonely for the rest of their lives, HOW OLD ARE YOU?! 15. Waaay to soon to be thinking about things like this, I mean I guess it would be nice to be in a relationship but nothing serious like marriage or something, that's just stupid. control yourself pardis. I don't know why i'm getting angry about this, i dont really care. okay thats a lie, i guess i do kind of care, secretly. who wouldn't want somebody to talk to about everything, or have an anniversary or go on dates, but its just the fact I would rather wait to be with someone who is nice, i can be myself around, laugh, sit there with them and just talk about anything, someone who is interesting. ahh well. I'm supposed to be writing a piece of english coursework about why mobile phones should be allowed in school?! what the hell?! i dont understand how this going to help me in the future.

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