Saturday, 5 March 2011

the 'talk'

Usually when your parents talk to you about relationships  and sex and whatever you would expect it to be so awkward, and to be honest I was expecting it to be like that. As I was listening to some Selena Gomez tunes my mum just walks into my room, like she usually does to check what I'm up to, and she started to make small conversation, she asked me about my day out with the girls so I had to say something back, as we were starting a conversation she decided to start by talking about relationships and how they weren't important right now and that I should be focusing on my school work and collage, she talked about sex, drugs oh the whole teenage thing, and to be honest it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. She was telling me how beautiful I am, something she says very rarely so I'm going to treasure it like the cheese bomb that I am, She said that both her and my dad don't mind me having a boyfriend or dating as long as they approved and it wasn't getting in the way of my studies, I don't know whether to believe her or not, it was just no like my mum! At the same time I was talking to ella on Blackberry Chat so I wasn't really paying much attention as to what she was saying, crazy times. 

I'm still shocked at her, MY MUM! seriously, I'm in shock but I find it really weird and funny at the same time. I'm a really messed up person :D! 

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