Thursday, 17 March 2011

my dad is listening to jessi J

my parents are so odd, my dad is watching VIVA which was showing Jessi J and he seemed to be enjoying himself. My mum made the nicest chicken ever known to man, it was cripsy outisde and inside was juicy and fresh what a wonderful house wife, I'm proud of her. Today after school was amazing with ella, triston, riyhad and yassar, so much fun! im really going to miss, all of us have gotten really close. I finally got put in top set for science, which to be honest isn't that fun but hey its still top set right although i was doing the higher paper when i was in middle set so it really doens't make such a big difference. Up to date with all my media work which feels amazing, and the english and histor and so much more. Okay now my dad is listening to Glee- don't stop believing, what's wrong with this guy?! I got my question to vlog about it, its kind of a personal question so i don't know how to answer it without getting too emotional, im such a freak. Today year book was kind of - i dont really know how to describe, I dropped out though it was the best thing to do since Jamal and Lloyd really wanted to be there I decided that I shouldn't im okayy about it, I was brave and independant? My dad is going to talk to some agent so that they can find a house for ella and her family to move near me, oh she would love it, so much fun we even decided that we wanted to make plastic cup telephones which c'mon is a good idea. I'm just going to go before i ramble on and on ! oh i almost frogot happy st patricks day ' top of the morning to you and enjoy the rest of your day' I even attempted the accent

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