Sunday, 13 March 2011

sunday before monday

The weather today is just beautiful, I hate that I take the beauty of Cardiff for granted, sorry city. Me and my family went out for a bit today, instead of having Sunday Lunch at home we went to this really nice CafĂ© in Cardiff Bay, and everything and everyone looked happy in the sun, although it was still kind of chilly. Unfortunately  to ruin my day I went on Ella's form spring because she told me about this comment that was posted on there, it was the most hurtful thing I have ever read. If someone insults her, its like their insulting me, I don't understand how people can be so nice to her face and then talk behind her back, she's done nothing to deserve this and for the fact that she is nice to everyone and gives everyone an equal chance somehow a stupid immature anonymous has to post harmful comments which are not even true. jammy bastards. 

Lloyd is so stupid, he's texting me while he's in the bath doesn't this boy know he's going to receive an electric shock and then die. Well I hope he doesn't die. Tomorrow is louise's birthday which I am so excited about, me and Ella got her this dress which she is going to loveeeee! hopefully anyway, we got in so she can wear it to Katy Perry concert in april. 

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  1. hey i might be wearing it tomorrow tooo <3