Monday, 21 March 2011

double identities

I hate the fact that I have to act differently to different people, why can't I always be me all the time. that sounds really stupid but i've only realised that the only time im fully myself is around  my friends and family, with strangers on the road or a shop or something I have to act differently just not to the off the wrong impression. It's not fair, this sounds so stupid but I was just thinking about it. Today on the bus some llanishen kids just started randomly talking to me, I don't even know why? They seemed really nice but I was in one of my moods where i just really could not be bothered. I'm so lonely at home its just me and my sister, my dad is at work and my mum out with my brother taking him swimming lessons or something, that women will just not give up. she has tried to make all of our family sporty people when i was little she made me go tennis lessons. If any of you know me, you would know that i HATE sports, its so much effort and people get so competitive, in double games I just sing/dance/scream/talk to everyone, and pretend to play.
I have so much coursework and revision to do, so for now

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