Tuesday, 8 March 2011

happy pancake day

I hate it on facebook where they have cheesy groups such as ' will you be my pancake on pancake day' obviously it's contradicting how valentines day makes people feel so bad about them selves. who cares anyway. Just watched Barcelona beat Arsenals ass, I love Arsenal but even I have to say they weren't at their best tonight, I mean we won them before why can't we do it again?! not a good end to pancake day. 

Ella gave me this weird nasty tasting chewing gum which was disgusting, we were both pissing our selves over it, even though it smelt and tasted nasty it was something that made us laugh, which I have nothing against. Tomorrow we have media, oh the joys. Our media teacher is really bad, I seriously mean that! REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD! I just came out of the shower so I have to go, I love how my mum and dad are laughing at each other's jokes, old age makes people go crazy. Tomorrow I'm keeping my hair natural, simply because I don't want to damage it any more and because I can't be bothered. simples 

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