Tuesday, 1 February 2011

the weather this morning was so gloomy and depressing but it seemed to have brightened up by lunch time. i had triple drama in the morning which went by really quickly, quite odd if im honest because they usually tend to drag on and on. it kind of irratated me that triston hadn't learnt any of his lines and forgot his script once again. although the last drama lesson all i did was talk to charlie and rob and generally laugh so i cant really complain about that. i felt really sorry for louise and agnes today because joshua morgan and cherelle carter damaged their sculpture and they spent such a long time and put soo much effort into it, and for the chav's like cherelle and josh to break it like that i would have flipped out. i dont think agnes is aware of her sculpture but im so sure she is going to be pretty upset, i mean i would be anyway. and then we had double history, it was like hell. i'm watching tracey beaker it seems like such a long time ago. it really irratating me that everywhere i look i can hear/see something about valentines day. i mean i would probably enjoy myself if i had someone or in a relationship but being single suuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks. i felt so sorry for charlie today when she was talking about how jessica flirts with feisal all the time. its sooo true they do it all the time in I.T and on facebook, she does it all the time with all the boys in our side of the year the ones who are single and the ones who are in a relationship. nasty little cat, i dont understand what part of being in a relationship she doesnt understand, as josey said she must have a fetish or something LOL. its kind of true. i should really get on with some media coursework i have so much to do in such a small amount of time best get cracking ladz. we did a music introduction video for HELP! the new boyband it was so funny, i know have to shoot me and louise and edit it all together. im so excited.

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