Thursday, 17 February 2011

HOT WATER! As i came home i felt the warm breeze of heat, and i knew that my boiler was fixed :D
- what does that mean kids? IT MEANS I HAVE HOT WATER AND HEATING AGAIN!
everyone funk!

It was such a beautiful moment, my cheeks had been cold as well so it was extra helpful to come into a warm house. tomorrow im going spice route and cinema with ella+louise+habbiba+aicha+samiya+hibo+uaml. the first time all of the crew have gone for a meal, i shall cherish everyone moment of it. especially now that hyper hibo was coming. As I was walking home from the bus stop, I made my way to up Aldi near where I live and because i live near a high school there was lots and lots of corpus Christi boys, and i was looking at them but i was pretending not it, and i noticed that one of them looked like they had peed themselves, so ran home laughing my head off. so funny. the house is so quiet right now because my brother is in after school club till 6. he doesn't want to go anymore but because my mum has already paid a whole year for him he kinds of has to. its expensive as well, something like 40 pounds a week >:(

today on the school bus i could feel that little kitty kat and her friend were talking behind my back, everytime i turned to them they suddenly turned away quickly. its weird but i can tell when someone is talking behind my back. thank god today in welsh aqsa and myrah weren't there, they would have started to talk about dem asian boys. its reeally annoying because they're not fit at all! AT ALL! it looks like they have dived in a pool of gel. i dont want to write so much because i know this post is going to be extra long. sozzoms.

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