Thursday, 3 February 2011

 i hate it when i try and be there for people however i feel like no one actually care's about me. im so freaking annoyed right now but im trying to hold it in. i hope i've done okay in my english oral, im aiming for at least a B. double sociology tomorrow seriously not looking forward to it, right now im putting all the pictures of the day we went to the field of horses on  a usb stick for louise, and attempting to do some revision for drama, tomorrow lunch time im spending the whole lunch time in the drama room preparing for my exam. my house is so cold its unreal. today in the photoshoot there was this really fit guy called owen from llanishen but i cant find him on facebook, gutted. but im going to try harder and harder to find him. im so tired that i might as well have a little sleep, really not looking forward to school tomorrow. im planning to go into town on saturday all by myself, have coffee, do some revision, coursework and blogging, mayn i havent had a starbucks in such a long time. i went into simply shakes for what they called my interview and it turns out that they didnt want a part time, after i rush there after the photoshoot to try and make it on time and that's what they say, so piss taking. im really annoyed that i cant find this guy on facebook -_- . for some reason i have a bag of graps and a bottle of orange juice that has not been opened from today, i usually eat a lot at lunch time but today i was really tired and distracted by the cute guy that i didnt want to eat. There was 5 of us all together, me, jordan chambers this boy from willows i used to know, ashley something this guy from fitzalan  in year 13, some girl called abigail year 10 llanrumney and owen from llanishen in year 11. owen was the little cutie, he was tanned and brown swishy hair, wooooh. it was so much thought, i made friends with all of them which was great and the photographers were all really nice. I actually enjoy meeting new people, i mean its difficult , awkward and nerve wrecking at the start but then you kind of get used to it, and the people turn out to be really nice. i have to go now, im super tired and my favourite mexican tv show is on. later

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