Friday, 25 February 2011


Today me and my friend Ella, went to the cinema to watch Justin Bieber never say never once again, twice this week because we love it so much. We had such an amazing time although I wish louise was there as well she would have enjoyed her self so much. So after that we went to the apple store as usual, took some photo's as usual, as we were walking outside I saw the cutie that works in the apple store, for some reason he reminds me of one of my ex's which is probably why I think he's a cutie, ANWAY we decided to go into hollister. now i personlly am not a very big fan of hollister because as I walk  in firstly its so hard, you need like a fricking flash light to be able to see, and all the people look like models, im not even joking. They look so perfect, so its kind of, i dont know how to describe it but i dont like it, because its showing that only these type of people can work here, like super skinny tall and pretty, what about the other people? And the stuff in there is so expensive! But i really like the bikini's so im defiantly buying one for America. I got offered a job placement in Claire's so im going tomorrow to give in my application for, tomorrow im going shopping with my mum, actually looking forward to it because she has a lot of money and she wants to buy me new school stuff so im pretty excited. defiantly making a stop at paper chase.

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