Thursday, 10 February 2011

ELLA SHARIF!you wonderful wonderful friend, your so lovely and sweet and kind and generous and funny,have great taste in food, ! best friend since year 8 girl. I was reading your blog and I understand all the things your going through, I'm so happy that your in a good place with your family and don't worry something exciting will happen to you, even though we're only teenagers and we should't be thinking of relationships i understand where your coming through, that you want someone to talk to about your problems and someone who is going to love for the person you are. gurl i know exactly how you feel, and its okayy because one day some nice hotty lamotty with a swimmers body is going to come and swoooooosh you into the air like the cheesy films (lmfao). dont be upset whatsoever, you deserve all the happiness you get girlfriend, enjoy it.

cheesy post i know but i had to say that to you i was going to blow. your so lushy you are!


  1. hehehe, your soooo nice pardis!
    we've been friends most of my high school life, its been so much fun. SOOO MUCH FUN! we have the weirdest inside jokes, your such a good friend, im glad i have at least one person who understands. you are a hottie i swear to god. luv ya chicka, stay sexy... sex bomb lmfao ;'D xxx