Thursday, 10 February 2011

Such a fun day so far, wooh this boy just came into the class room and I thought it was Miss Dodd I  jumped about a mile of my seat. I can't stop laughing rowan just sent a photo of matthew and feisal, SO FUNNY! and now we're talking about craig and the picture of him having an orgasm, these guys are so funny when they're not being rude and arragont. i'm going to look for some more pictures on google images because its so much fun, its fun to brighten up my blog and make it seem more lively, it feels dead and blum. tia is now telling us about a awkward moment that tia had yesturday, she was going to get kissed by dilaila, i thought it would have been funnier than this, tia i am dissapointed because her humour has changed and decreased, but the picture that ella edited of her is just hilarious. mr ghani is such a badman, i think that im going to steal the revision guide that he gave us, it looks really good and i promise to give it back to them after i have finished with  my ict gcse, i wish i never picked it, its so bad!

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