Wednesday, 2 February 2011

i hate valentines day, its just a day to make singles feel bad about their relationship life. everywhere i turn there is advertisement about valentines day, its like a Christmas for people in relationships and i feel left out because i'm not in a relationship.I feel like the women with 2893529 cats, lonely and no friends, although i kind of feel sorry for this women, i mean why is it that she is so stereotyped to be lonely because she has a ton of cats, maybe their cute cats.I'm talking to charlie right now and i have convinced her to make a blogger and i feel special that she is going to write her first blog about me. I have so much sympathy for her, because the little cat (this girl) keeps flirting with charlies ex ( feisal) as i have mentioned before in my blog, and she was telling me about how angry she was at him because she was flirting with jess before they even broke up, it literally broke my heart to hear that. although im not in a relationship myself but i can't help feel so bad and guilty for some reason, i wish i had said something to jess to put her back in her place, this bitch thinks she can get away with murder. i love how me and charlie have gotten much closer this year, and i love how she can trust me to talk about her relationships, i feel like a good friend, one day im just going to punch jess and feisal in the face har har. i went to costco today, maynn it was good especially the food one of the main reasons i go there. right now im talking to rob about music and joe strummer, hes got quiet good taste in music little josh as well. tomorrow is the photo shoot thingy for the eco commity and im not really looking forward to it now, im going to be lonely with people from all different schools. me no like :'(

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