Thursday, 10 February 2011

I'm going to miss this shit hole so much :') So many good and bad memories it's hard to keep on track with everything. I have this weird feeling in my gut, that I'm not going to fit in with the other kids at St Davids, that's if I even get in. I'm laughing at the picture that ella has edited with everyone on the beach, so funny! She's editing a picture of tia barbaque, so funny! Man I'm actually going to miss I.C.T and Mr evans going crazy with us because we wouldn't do anything except playing on games. We have just sent everyone a picture of tia in a man's body. I've laughed so  much that I'm starting to cry, dear lords heeeelp me :')
James is playing this game and it looks so interesting, I really want to play it, maybe I will have a cheeky look at the website he's playing on and maybe copy him. teeeef. Ella and louise are singing as usual, so funny! Mr ghani does't even care if no one is doing their work, he's the best pakisatani man I have ever met, not including yassser of course, yasser is no1.

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