Saturday, 26 February 2011

Listening to Justin Bieber, ahhhh :D I'm not up to much today, just pampering myself, that sounds cheesy. But seriously today I want to focus just on myself, no body but me, however selfish and vein that sounds I'm always doing things for people, looking after that sometimes I feel like I don't have time for myself, well that's about to change, today I'm not going on Facebook, not texting, not picking up the phone, no blackberry messenger, No msn. NOTHING! well just blogger that's about it. I just ordered a Justin Bieber wristband and  a new phone cover, might just download his album and buy a poster or two, its not obsession, im a new fan and i need to catch up with the others. Tomorrow im going to give in my application form for Claire's, I really hope I get. It would be so much fun and they teach me how to pierce people's ears, although that sounds gruesome , I CANT WAIT! Today my aunty's husbands aunt is coming with her son, it's going to be soo awkward I can feel it because last time I seen him he said he liked me. Yesterday I went jogging with my neighbour/friend Alessia, she is the same age as us but goes to corpus christi, a high school right round the corner from my house. She is so nice, not to mention stunning, I was texting Lloyd yesterday as per usual and I told him about her and I think he actually began to like her. She's sleeping over my house tonight which is going to fun, well hopefully anyway.

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