Monday, 14 February 2011

valentines day!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMMMMA! today is her birthday and i feel kind of bad because valentines day beats her birthday by far, poor little mummma. right now im ict with ella and louise, i can't be bothered to do anything this lesson because im so tired and cold. aaaaaaaah mrs taylor is so boring, she went through our past papers for about tree lessons, we don't care no one really tried with this because it's only a mock, of course people are going to when it comes to the real exam. crazy people. abdi just gave me a valentine card with some gum in it, it was the most sweetiest funniest thing ever! such a sweet heart. i think rosie is upset because she hasn't sat next to us, no offense she should come into school more often and then we wouldn't have to do this. sorry rosie but this is ICT! im going to go and amuse myself with some pictures now because i really can't be bothered with work, i will just do it at home. ohh i went to london this weekend so much, will definatly write about this later. TARA!

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