Tuesday, 22 February 2011

nothing to do

I feel so useless and bored, I hate feeling like this because I am the sort of person you would find really busy. I like to join clubs and organisations to keep me busy and interested. During the holidays and time of school I find myself bored and useless. I have tried looking for job/hobbie or something to do, but it's so hard, honestly I would love to work volunterly but for some reason no where is hiring. I'm going to look online for some charity work or maybe even a job or a penpal. I've alwaysed wanted a penpal, someone who doesn't live near me so I can phone,text, send letters to, buy stuff for them. The whole idea just sounds like so much fun. If anyone wants a penpal, you know who you call ;) I feel so icky and weird, I usually have a shower every morning or afternoon but because I feel so lazy I didn't take one this morning/or in the afternoon. I'm very self consicous of either smelling or looking and feeling greasy so I try and avoid it, I can't stand people that stink, I know that sounds mean and cruel but I just can't stand it. I'm going to check my facebook now, see what's going on today. later x

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