Monday, 28 February 2011

mmm shower

Just got out of the shower, feel so amazing and glowey, it feels really weird because I don't know what to say right now, mmm tutoring today was actually really fun, we did chemistry which I like, then we did Maths. I know all of the things but I just need him to help me reinforce the points that our teachers had made in school and plus he makes the b e s t cup of tea, ever! and the people that know me, KNOW that i love tea. My sister is in my room right listening to bruno mars and doing her homework, why the hell is she even here? I've decided that I'm going to start training for America, I'm not going to be boostful but I don't have that much of a stomach but I really want abs, not too much abs, just normal nice abs, like a girl surfer body. mmm. Today I sorted out all my revision so tomorrow after school im going to Paper Chase in town to go and get some folder's and Files, I'm in desperate need! And now my sister is going on about how Micheal Jackson was such a good man, what's wrong with this women?! I just read on ella's blog that someone had hacked into louise's account D:! I have to check this shit out, talk later x

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