Tuesday, 15 February 2011

today i came home, from the rain. soaked. cold. feeling like shit because of this stupid weather, the only thing keeping me going was the hot bath that awaited me at home. so as i walk into my house with such high hopes my dreams are crushed when my mum tells me that our boiler is down. no hot water, no heating. nothing. nothing. if it is one thing i hate it being cold in a house, i love coming home feeling all warm and cosy, and now look what happened. that has put me in such a bad mood luckily i bought ribena in a can and milka chocolate on way my home from school just in case i got hungry on the way, right now the only reason why im happy is because of ribena in a can, food seriously completes my life. my mum has brought a new gold fish and i swear it looks like dark vader from star wars. its so scary how much they look alike. listening to katy perry as I usually do, i cant wait to see this mamma live with ella, we have planned to wear like daisy duke shorts and cupcake top thingy's i read on wambie that her concert is going to smell like candy, she is such a wonderful person. triple drama wasn't all that bad today, went quite quick. i was kind of pissed off when triston didn't know his lines, because i spend my time planing and sorting out everything and i feel like he doesn't care. i like him, hes such a good friend but i feel like he doesn't try at all, i know that sounds mean but today when we went to the lower hall to practice i told him to use emotion and emphasis and he didn't at all. ahh! i feel like such a bad friend, so guilty i shouldn't talk like that but its not fair. and then double history miss merriot was being the crazy bitch that she normally is, in the middle of the lesson rucksar's off went of with eminem playing, it was sooo funny! me and ella were pissing our selves. well i should go now because i don't want to make this post so long, tara homeboys and homegyals !

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