Saturday, 5 February 2011

I just finished talking to a couple of my friends on msn, we were pranking people, superise I actually have some friends being the crazy self I am. I love how we all know each other and we can be honest with each other without hurting ourselves or the other person, I think that's what true friendship is, where you know you can express your feelings towards each other knowing that the other person understands your point of view and respects it. Thinking to myself I actually realised that I become attached to people so easily I actually don't know why. I was speaking to one of my friends last night and he pointed out to me that this is actually true, I somewhat become attached to random strangers  that I don't know simply because I might feel sorry for them. For example I was telling him about this crazy chav women with the two kids and how she is so crazy, and I couldn't help feel sorry for her kids, they looked so unhappy and I began to imagine if they had pets that they didn't feed. I couldn't bear the thought of something like that. I honestly don't understand why I'm like this or if caring so much is  a good or bad thing, I find it so heart breaking to see someone upset, I actually feel like someone is riping my heart out, I'm always complaining about my stupid relationship's or love life's maybe it's the fact that I care about other's so much that I forget about myself and my own personal issues. But I can't help it, I truly can't, when I see abuse on small children for I have to do something or say something to express my feelings that it's a wrong thing. I don't think that this a bad thing, I care for people, for people that have been nice to me, hate me, or people that have treated me like shit, I would never ever want to see them hurt and I don't understand why someone would feel joy of seeing someone upset, its horrible and cruel and I cannot stand it. It really bugs me when girls say that they wouldn't care if their ex's got hit by a bus a died. WHAT?! how can you be so serious, I myself don't care if my ex boyfriends are with the wrong person or have been in trouble but to hear that something fatal has happened to them I would be devestated.Why am I talking so much, I should really cut down but I can't it for some reason comes naturally.


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