Monday, 21 February 2011

longest shower ever

My shower this morning took about 3 hours, I only just got out. the water was so warm that I stayed a little to much, way to much because my fingertips have began to wrinkle. I hope this week fly's by, I have nothing to do, and I live so far away that I can't plan things last minute either. I really feel like a subway right now, my crazy mum promised me that today if I went with her to home sense then she would take me to starbucks and subway, she still hasn't taken me she best keep her promise -_- I was actually thinking of deleting blogger last night simply because I couldn't be bothered any more, but I've pulled through. I'm thinking of following this girl from Hong Kong, her blog is so nice. It's about her fashion work, it looks so good, and the little widgets that she has on it is so nice, maybe she can teach me how to put some on my blog, the only interesting widget I have is the super mario bro game. which is still kind of fucked by. 

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