Monday, 14 February 2011

SO COLD! i keep sneezing and coughing and my eyes are watering, i think im catching a cold, to be honest valentines day was't all that bad, maybe one day when i marry ed westwick we can celebrate it together, he's just got to finish filming gossip girl and we can be together, i would go crazy if that actually happened. i'm deciding on what t shirt to buy online, either the clash or paolo nutini. i just watched glee, i cried so hard for rachel she thinks she not pretty because finn said kissing quinn was like fireworks, poor little girl. my feet are really cold i feel like a pengiun. such a boring day, i have nothing to do at all. maybe i will take a shower in a bit, i took one in the morning but im so tired that i want a bath or something hot, like bruno mars! tehehe how cheesy, i'm actually going to pamper myself because i have nothing to do, it would be like one of those sleepover movie but this time there is only one guest, me. im so sad, im so sad that i have tea parties with the cap of my fanta bottle in school, at least its fun even though i do look like a strange women  but thats alright. i hate how so many people have status about that they are single on valentines day, so what?! im single, and im okayy to be honest i think valentines day is not that big of a deal, surely if you were going to tell someone you love them and get them gifts shouldn't you do that everyday. silly cupid. ahh puck from glee is so sexy, i want him. i need him!
i should really take of my school uniform, ohh today in p.e. i was going crazy, but when i smelt sophie sutton i went crazy, i really want one of her friends to tell her that she stinks, really bad. i know it sounds mean but how about we told her she smells, she does something about it and then people wouldn't talk behind her back, i feel really sorry for her, but that girl seriously needs to take a shower, no offense sophie if you ever read this but you kind of need a shower, or a bath or maybe just a explosion from Lush. my facebook chat is really messing up, it keeps saying that im offline, im not! I'M ONLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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